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(from Lee, Russell and Bulleit)


Niku Naku creates original and thematic collections that make a statement. Each collection features an original painting with complimentary accent pieces to compliment your space.

What does Niku Naku mean?

Niku Naku (knee-koo nah-koo) is a completely made up word, but comes from the Japanese pronunciation of knick knack - mementos that fill a home. We wanted a name that was whimsical, but drew inspiration from both Japanese minimalism and the California lifestyle of fun and adventure.

Who is Niku Naku?

Niku Naku was started by two guys who love design. While designing our own home, we came up with the idea to offer out-of-the-box options for people who wanted to design their space, but didn’t know where to start. From there, we expanded our collections to offer art across all aspects of life.

Centering our collections around original artwork gives us the opportunity to share what inspires us in the comfort of your own home.

We thank you for your support and it's nice to meet you.​

Russell Iriye - Co-Founder and avid gamer

Lee Queza - Co-Founder and art lover

Bulleit - Chief Poxer Officer and constant sleeper

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